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Preschool Science Experiment

As a faith community we are often called upon to lift others up in prayer. We are proud to be a Christian preschool in more than just name only. Our staff routinely prays for each other, ever mindful of the Lord's work we are blessed to do. Please be assured that as a staff we routinely pray for all of the families in our classes, in our school, in our lives, too! We do so willingly and fervently, for all.

If, however, there is ever a time when you feel overwhelmed or even overjoyed by what is happening in your life, please share that with us so that we may include you directly into our intentions. It is a privilege to feel that you trust us to add our words to God on your behalf. May He keep all us in His care.

From the book, "Parent on Purpose", by Amy Carney......We've already established how we need more playful moments in our lives, so let's reframe time spent around our family dinner table as a form of healthy play. "The magic that happens over family dinners isn't the food on the table, but the conversations around it." Research links regular family dinners too better academic performance, higher self- esteem, and a greater sense of resilience as well as lower rates of substance abuse teen pregnancy and depression.

Weekly Prayer: Dear Jesus, we pray for skilled surgeons hands as two of our precious children anticipate surgery. We trust in You to guide them. Watch over the families and bring them strength and a feeling of peace knowing that You are with them. Restore their good health and happy smiles and return the smiles to the faces of those who love them and the ones we care so much about.

In Your holy name, Amen

Screen Time and Preschoolers


There is a great amount of research available, as well as debate about the research, regarding the amount of "screen time" that our children experience these days. Screen time is no longer relegated to television either. Certainly video games and Ipads, even your phone apps were never envisioned when the early cautionary messages were issued years ago. Regardless of what side of the debate you are on, it is imperative that we consider the physiological AND the sociological effects of using these types of electronic media to entertain or teach.

Our preschool is licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services and as such we must comply with their very specific regulations on the use of screen time within a preschool setting. There are strict limits. I am pleased to advise that we NEVER have an issue with compliance on this topic!! Our philosophy of teaching children through play and meaningful, age appropriate activities aligns perfectly with the intent of the ADHS guidelines.

To perfectly illustrate our commitment to play based, non-techy methods one need only have witnessed last week's Courtyard Curriculum-Down on the Farm fun! Shopping carts and pretend "grocery store", farm animals and barns, "milking cows" (yep, udderly hilarious), sorting and matching egg patterns, and the best of all, two sensory tables! One was filled with black and white large beans (yep, just beans!) and measuring cups for pouring and mixing; and the other table was our "apple pie" mixture of flour, and cloves, and nutmeg and cinnamon, with plastic apples of all colors. It smelled heavenly and was simply the best way to sift, measure, pour, weigh, and create!!! And, yep, no internet connection needed. We just "connected" with the kiddos and had a blast!!!! I would definitely urge that you DO "try this at home"!

From the book, "Parent on Purpose", by Amy Carney......When we start a family tradition that celebrates something we value , a part of us lives on and comes to life every time the family talks about or celebrates that tradition. Traditions are the unique ways we teach values and build family legacies. They are the glue that holds a family together and provide children with comfort because they create predictability in an unpredictable world.

Weekly Prayer: Dear Jesus, help me to reach out and stay connected to the people in my life that are important to me. Please watch over them as I keep them in my prayers always. Amen

Keeping a Healthy School Environment

As the flu and cold season (and apparently croup, too) will slowly creep up on us, let's be proactive in remembering that there are many things we can all strive to do that will help us keep a healthy school environment for the children, their families, and even our staff family.

First and foremost, monitor the health status of your own child. Our school policy states, which aligns with most educational settings, that we will adhere to a "24 hour: fever free, diarrhea free and vomit free" protocol when preventing a child from being at school or returning to school until this period has passes. If your kiddo is not feeling well before school, please keep them home to recover where they are certainly most comfortable. If they do become ill at school, however, we will remove them from the classroom and the other children as soon as detected to minimize the increased spread of germs and then immediately contact you. (Remember, we WILL track you down at the gym or closest coffee shop:-) Until then, your child will receive TLC in the preschool office and remain there until picked up.

Secondly, proper and diligent hand washing is a huge deterrent when it comes to prevention. We have a variety of cute jingles we sing with the children to encourage them to wash long enough to be nice and clean! Besides "Happy birthday", another favorite, sung to the tune "Frere Jacques", is: "Tops and bottoms, tops and bottoms, in between, in between, all around in circles, all around in circles, nice and clean, nice and clean." Their hands will clean enough for surgery prep!!

Also, reinforce to your children what we teach them at school: to use their "sneeze or cough catcher: - aka elbow or inside their shirt to catch the flying germs! This really helps!

Thank you for understanding these small steps can have huge results!

Preschool Play with Bubbles

From the book, "Parent on Purpose", by Amy Carney....As parents, we must purposely strengthen our family identity, culture, and relationships. Love on purpose. Prioritize play. Our "job" is to step away from the organized activities and more frequently create room for authentic life giving moments of play for our children and ourselves.

Weekly Prayer: Dear Jesus, when I pray to You I feel comforted. When I am sad, afraid, lonely or even angry, all I have to do is say, Jesus help me every day. I know You are always listening. Amen

Our La Casa Preschool Family

Preschool Art Projects

Very soon we will be welcoming all our families to Open House. Watch for a flyer to come home. The night proves to be such a great event for everyone! Once again, the theme is purposefully "Fifties" (aka 1950's), sparking an attempt to recapture the attitude of a much simpler time when bobby socks and sock hops were the norm. When families celebrated fun times together.

This just seems apropos for us here at La Casa. WE ARE A FAMILY!! And hope that in all we do, that feeling is imparted to you. Our blessings are so many, and each of "them" has a name .... Student …. Parent.... Sibling…. Teacher. Each is important. Each is treasured. Each is needed. Individually and collectively, all combine to make us a strong, happy La Casa family!

In keeping with the theme, we will be collecting packages of new WHITE SOCKS to be donated to those in need within our community. Kids4Kids, families for families. We hope that you will be able to join us on this evening. What's a party without family????

From the book, "Parent on Purpose", by Amy Carney....As parents, we must purposely lead not only with vision, and values, but with authority. Our "job" is to be a strong leader and authority figure who can confidently guide our child into adulthood. Decide to be the CEO of your home!

Weekly Prayer: Dear Jesus, help me to show kindness and caring to all those I encounter. Help me to treat them with dignity so that they may feel their worth through my words and actions. Help me to always build others up and never tear them down.

In Your name I ask this and pray, Amen

Children need the freedom and time to play.

"Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury; the time spent engaged in it is not time that could be better spent in more formal educational pursuits. Play is a necessity. This is a lesson too often lost on competitive parents."
Source: "Exuberance: The Passion for Life" By Kay Redfield Jamison

At La Casa Preschool, we believe in a play-based philosophy that children do best through "doing" and experimenting. Through art, music, dance, STEAM play, stories, and games, we provide students hands-on, learning through play curriculum that teaches advanced stills such as problem solving and cause and effect. These skills are imperative for lifelong learning success.

Kay Redfield Jamison Quote about Playtime.jpg

Scientific Proof for Childhood Play

Experts say that play-time for young children should be taken seriously. Research conducted by the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development provides us with more scientific proof regarding early childhood play.

At La Casa Preschool, we agree! Our play-based preschool fosters learning through play, movement, music, art, and fun!

Play at Preschool

Looking to find out more about our play-based curriculum? Contact us today to learn more and schedule a tour of our Scottsdale preschool campus.

Little Free Library

In an effort to support our commitment to the importance of literacy, especially in early childhood, La Casa Preschool is proud to announce our own officially chartered ‘LITTLE FREE LIBRARY’ book exchange.  Anyone can build a book shelf, but Little Free Libraries are not’ just about books!  They are about connecting families and a school community through the love of reading!

Learn more about Little Free Library.

Little Free Library in Scottsdale