Spring at La Casa Preschool

There are so many wonderful things to look forward to as we go through the remaining few months of school. Check out our website....we promote our school as being the preschool "with a difference". And, that we are! Just take a look at the calendar each month to see all the special events and learning opportunities we present to the children and families! 

From Dino Days out in the courtyard right before spring break, and then immediately after we prepare for the Mothers Spring Tea and Art Walk! Whew! Then it is on to welcoming Recyclesaurus, and of course, the celebration of Easter! 

We end the busy month of April with our third STEAM FAIR of the year. La Casa has always been full 'STEAM' ahead of the game. The A in steam is for art. Children learn through the PROCESSES of art. Things like: fine motor control, crossing the midline of their body as they cut or create (this stimulates reading and math processing), following directions and much more. The S, T, E and M represent science, technology, engineering and math. Though they may be today's buzz words, STEM and STEAM activities introduced through play have been a staple of our teaching philosophy and methodology for years. Plan to come see for your self what wonderful, natural critical thinkers your kiddos are!

Oh, and I cannot forget to mention the culmination of our Pint Size PE program and our 33rd (YEP, THAT'S NOT A TYPO) PRESCHOOL OLYMPICS DAYS!!!!!! This wonderful event is not to be missed. The children are so proud of their athletic accomplishments and Mrs. Gollobit will be happy to have them "show off", for sure!

See?????? Can you imagine a more fun place to be and to grow and to learn and to be loved than right here at La Casa?????

Weekly Prayer....In Jesus' name we pray that our world is a safe place for our children to grow and thrive. We trust in His mercy that this and all of our prayers be answered according to His will.  Amen.  

Let them press every boundary!

In just a few weeks it will be Spring Break and it could not come soon enough in some of the classes! Every year, we begin to see the signs of "senior-itis" setting in especially with our older kiddos. You know them.....they are the ones who just instinctively know they are ready to move on to the "next big thing" (aka Kindergarten)! And trust us....at times they certainly act like they don't need to be "here" anymore!  But we are patient and ask that you, too, be patient with these emerging butterflies who are ready to spread their wings. Their transformation can be trying as they try to reconcile being big while they really are still little.  While we try to contain their enthusiasm, we will continue to enjoy them.  Gently reminding them we still have a few weeks of school!! 

Dad's of Preschoolers

And be patient with us, too, as we do the gentle reminding! You may think we are being too hard on them, I did just remind you they are still little after all, but understand that this place, while here in preschool, is the very best place for a child to "kick their heels", "sow their oats" and every other cliché!  Let them press every boundary! You want them to do so in an environment that is loving and forgiving and teaching and guiding, always. There is always a purpose to redirection as it helps a child understand what is expected of them and to then learn to follow through. Every day starts new and every new day is a chance to grow. 

Let us all cherish this time. It will go as quickly as they wish, and too quickly for us as we would rather hold on to them a bit longer! 

Weekly Prayer.... Jesus, remind me to slow down and take advantage of every opportunity to be with family and friends. To remind me of their importance in my life and to whom I am blessed to spend time with.  Amen.  

Here to Stay

Our children are here to stay

But our babies are not, I'm sorry to say

They grow and learn everyday

In the most remarkable and intriguing way

We watch and admire our babies so young

Hoping someday they will grow to be strong

Wisdom and integrity are a hopeful thought too

Their brilliance is amazing that much is true

Now they are in school and you don't know what to do

The house is so unnaturally quite and subdued

You try to keep busy, a hobby of some sort

But it doesn't quite fill the missing sound of

children playing of course

Off to college and all grown up, how could this be?

Just yesterday it seemed they were three

You can't wait to watch them grow

Pajama Day at Preschool

Then the day comes when you watch them go

Cherish the little moments so tender and sweet

They grow so quickly you can barely speak

But remember this, as I reassure you with a tear in my eye

Babies are your children and your children will never

say 'Good Bye'

Weekly Prayer.... Father, watch over our children as they grow. And remind us to pay attention. Help us to slow down so we don't miss a moment. Amen.

Full STEAM Ahead

There are so many wonderful things to look forward to as we go through the remaining few months of school. Check out our website....we promote our school as being the preschool "with a difference". And, that we are! Just take a look at the calendar each month to see all the special events and learning opportunities we present to the children and families! 

La Casa has always been full 'STEAM' ahead of the game on great things happening!!! In fact, although they may be today's buzz words, STEM and STEAM activities introduced through play have been a staple of our teaching philosophy and methodology for years. The letters in the acronym S, T, E and M represent science, technology, engineering and math.  The A in STEAM represents the wide umbrella of the arts. It is well researched that children learn through hands on - play based activities; this is no less important in fostering critical thinking skills and thought processes.  Not coincidentally, through the processes of art specifically, children enhance necessary skill sets by doing projects or activities that promote fine motor control, crossing the midline of their body as they cut or create (this stimulates reading and math processing), following directions and much more. Through music, reading and math skills are honed while keeping the beat and rhythm of songs. The repetition of songs and chants inspire comprehension and recall as well.

Perhaps you were able to come to school during our two previous STEAM Fairs this year= and no doubt were amazed. We welcome you to plan to attend our upcoming FAIR scheduled for April 25 and 26. We promise you will enjoy it.  Come and see for yourself what wonderful, natural critical thinkers your kiddos are!

Weekly Prayer....In Jesus' name we pray that our world is a safe place for our children to grow and thrive. We trust in His mercy that this and all of our prayers be answered according to His will.  Amen.  

Science in Preschool

La Casa Preschool Registration

As you know, registration for next year is very soon. In preparation for that we have made great efforts to ensure you have the very best information available to you in order to make a decision regarding your child's needs. The Kindergarten Readiness seminar was helpful in describing the importance of a child's emotional preparedness for the rigors of today's Kindergarten. It was obvious given the pace and scope of what is expected ,the piece of the puzzle that comprises "the whole child" should be firmly intact! To that end, everything we do here at La Casa, from Mini 3's to the Kindergarten Prep 5's and all classes in between , is filled with play and learning!!!! You may have once thought....all they do is play? Or heard that statement expressed by others when questioning the validity of that very important component in a child's education. May I take the opportunity to dispel that misconception!

PLAY is fundamental to a child's learning. It allows them to explore concepts and see the world in a way that is meaningful to them.  Developmentally appropriate materials and challenges set forth in a play based manner effectively give the child the ability to succeed AND fail and to accept both outcomes: success with confidence and pride as well as failure without distress or frustration or judgment.  Both attributes are so necessary. And be assured, to love school is the only mastery we seek from them.

Through play children increase their language skills and vocabulary. Through play imagination and creative thinking skills emerge and begin to demonstrate themselves in their art and role play activities. Through play a child manipulates objects and materials to discover their use, function, potential and tap into critical thinking processes. If "it" is in their hands, "it" is in their minds, meaning they see and do and retain knowledge. Through play children learn negotiation skills, and conversely, conflict resolution skills, team building, time management. Sounds like what you need at YOUR job, doesn't it? School IS a child's job.....we are just here to provide them the support to do their job.....towards that goal our philosophy of teaching is simple....why not make it fun and let them play while they do it?????

You are all amazing parents and make such good decisions on behalf of your children. Thanks for trusting us to assure your decision about the choice of a great Scottsdale preschool remains the right one!

Weekly Prayer.....Heavenly Father, we ask for Your loving guidance as we teach the young children we are blessed with.  Help us to find the best ways to show them about the world and of You. In Your son Jesus' name we pray.  Amen.  

Child's Birthdays

"Back in the day" when I would write an actual paper newsletter (ha! that betrays my age right there!) it was my tradition to include a poem about the passage of time and how important it is to treasure the little moments......ok, so nothing has changed but the format, right? But the timing was always coincidental with my son's birthday. Could it really be that very same Mini 3 student, now 37 years old!, has THREE children of his own, two of whom were also Mini 3's!!  His birthday, and the birthdays of ALL OUR BELOVED CHILDREN is such a bittersweet celebration. 

Many of you have heard my response when your child turns 5.....I'm sorry! I'm just sorry that the time is going so quickly. My own words echo in my head on this Sunday, January 13..... 'cuz I'm sorry he's already 37!!!  

Watch for this little section again next year......but .until then....

Have a joyful weekend...enjoy and take to heart the following....


My dishes went unwashed today,

I didn't make the bed,

I took his hand and followed

Where his eager footsteps led.

Oh yes, we went adventuring,

My little son and I,

Exploring all the great outdoors

Beneath the summer sky.

We waded in a crystal stream,

We wandered through a wood;

My kitchen wasn't swept today

But life was gay and good.

We found a cool, sun-dappled glade

And now my small son knows

How Mother Bunny hides her nest,

Where jack-in-the-pulpit grows.

We watched a robin feed her young,

We climbed a sunlit hill,

Saw cloud-sheep scamper through the sky,

We plucked a daffodil.

That my house was neglected,

That I didn't brush the stairs,

In twenty years, no one on earth

Will know, or even care.

But that I've helped my little boy

To noble manhood grow,

In twenty years, the whole wide world

May look and see and know.

Weekly Prayer.....Thank you for the blessing of children in our lives. Those we call our own and those we "share" with others through our ministry. In Jesus' name we pray.  Amen. 

STEAM at Preschool.jpg

Once a family, always a family.

Years ago, when greeting a new family that had just enrolled into my children's elementary school, the parent expressed that she "envied my history" with the families at the school. While she quickly established her own identity in the school and forged her presence, I have never forgotten her words nor taken for granted the blessing in the truth of them. 

At La Casa, I feel equally as blessed to have that sense of "history" with each of you.  It is a rare gift to have a "history" and a school community with those around you.  It is comforting. It is stabilizing. It is fortifying. It is a blessing. It is FAMILY.  Whether you are new to our school this year, or this is your second, third, fourth (or....??) child, or you are the former student that is now a parent with a child here (in which case that includes YOUR parents who are now the grandparents) we share a past and a present. And a future. Because once a family .... always a family. Nothing will ever change that! 

Thanks for the "history" lesson each day. I cherish that and each of you. May you all enjoy great happiness in this New Year.  

Weekly Prayer: Jesus, help me to recognize the unconditional love that You show to me.  Let me not ever take that love for granted, as it is shown in so many ways. Amen

PE at Preschool.jpg

A Special Time of Year

This is such a special time around the preschool. The excitement is building with so many fun things to do in and out of the classrooms. The children bring us such joy! Their faces reflect the love they surely must feel from each of us. We are blessed to have this time with them, and YOU. 

As you come to school each day, "stop and smell the roses" as the saying goes, and really watch the face of your kiddo as he/she sees the tree becoming full of ornaments, as they visit the stable and fill the manger with straw for baby Jesus, or as they run gleefully in the grass with their new life long friends before squealing off to their classrooms as the school bell rings. Witness pure joy.

Come to think of it.... (minus the tree and stable) this describes most other days here. Seems it is always a special time around the preschool.

Weekly Prayer: Jesus, help me to remember that it is Your love that sustains me and guides me and forms who I am. It is what gives me purpose and strength. Amen

Mat Man at La Casa Preschool In Scottsdale


After the holidays, we began to look ahead to the next school year! Believe it or not, it will come sooner than you think or want! Please feel free to discuss your desires/options for your child with your teachers who may offer some suggestions, or of course, please see us in the office. If you would like to schedule an opportunity to visit a classroom, you are welcome to do so as well. What better way to see for yourself just how much the children are learning....even if it just looks like play!  

Mrs. Carol Larson, Desert Shadows Elementary Kindergarten Teacher and a foremost expert in education will once again present a parent seminar on Kindergarten Readiness. Plan to attend Monday evening, January 14. 

We remain committed to providing a strong foundation of learning through meaningful, age appropriate activities and challenges, which are best introduced in a play-based method in each class option. There are many options for that magical year after the three year old year, in either a Pre-Kindergarten three day or four day four year old program. Either option is designed to prepare a child to successfully transition to Kindergarten if emotionally and socially ready to do so. However, we even have the absolutely perfect class for the truly important often "gift" year of preschool. The curriculum in the Kindergarten Prep class is specifically designed to support the needs of the older student, which is any four year old turning five by 12/31 and for the already five year old who meets the age requirement of Kindergarten entrance but needs the "gift of another year" in the 5's class.  Be assured...what ever the kiddos need....we'll take good care of them!!

Registration materials will be distributed at Parent/Teacher Conferences Thursday and Friday, January 31 and February 1. 

Siblings and past siblings can register any time. Come on in!!!  

Preschool Registration in Scottsdale

Happy Thanksgiving Preschool Families

There is a great quote by George Eliot that says much more eloquently than I am capable of at this moment: 'Blessed is the influence of one true, loving human soul to another.' I have been privileged to be here at La Casa for many years. And in that time I have been surrounded by many loving human souls. And as many of you know, I can be brought to tears (of joy...or emotion) quite easily.....you are all shaking your head, yep! But the tears that overcame me this past week came from seeing so many meal bags just keep pouring in to school, and the THEN the family feathers.....such an overwhelming response of love. True loving human souls all. My heart is full of joy and pride in what this school community does for and with others.

May your Thanksgiving be blessed with family and a great abundance of love. 

Weekly Prayer....Father, bless all that come to You in faith and belief. Let them be filled with the fruits of the spirit and be grateful for the countenance. In Your Son's holy name, we pray. Amen.  

Preschool Thanksgiving at La Casa Preschool