Be Present

Be Present

Another spring break has come and gone.  So too will the remaining days of school.  Let us all make a conscious effort to really be present in the moment during this time. 

Rather than wish you had paid more attention to your kiddo's chatty little stories , do it! 

Rather than wish you had gone out and played with them in the backyard, do it! 

Rather than wish you had more time, make it and take it! 

You can do it!

Weekly Prayer.... Jesus, help me to remember that any time I am with my family is a gift and should never be taken for granted.  I am grateful for each blessing that time represents.  Keep those I love safe, healthy and joyful.  Let them be mindful to give thanks to You, always.  Amen.  

Emerging Butterflies


Well, in case you haven't noticed...spring break could not come soon enough in some of the classes!  Every year, we begin to see the signs of "senior-itis" setting in with our older kiddos.  You know them.....they are the ones who just instinctively know they are ready to move on to the "next big thing" (aka Kindergarten)!  And trust times they certainly act like they don't need to be "here" anymore! 

But we are patient and ask that you, too, be patient with these emerging butterflies who are ready to spread their wings.  Their transformation can be trying as they try to reconcile being big while they really are still little.  While we try to contain their enthusiasm, we will continue to enjoy them.   Gently reminding them we still have a few weeks of school!!! 

Let us all cherish this time.  It will go as quickly as they wish, and too quickly for us as we would rather hold onto them a bit longer! 

Weekly Prayer.... Jesus, remind me to slow down and take advantage of every opportunity to be with family and friends.  To remind me of their importance in my life and to whom I am blessed to spend time with.  Amen.