Preschool Christian Education

As teachers and staff, we feel very strongly that it is our right, our privilege, and our obligation to teach the children here at the preschool about God. Our Christian preschool curriculum is centered around God’s love. These words are reflected as a mission statement in the La Casa Preschool Staff Handbook, our Parent Handbook, on our website, in our Brochure, and virtually everywhere we want our message to reach.  The consistent inclusion in our promotional mediums is intended to pervasively convey the importance we place upon our role in the spiritual development of the precious children we are entrusted with. 

Preschool Christmas Tree

Christian Environment

By accepting this mission, La Casa Preschool accepts the responsibility to help raise children of faith. We illustrate God’s love and presence by presentation of "object lessons" and fingerplays (skits or visual demonstrations that create a lasting impression of understanding). Christian preschool songs and Bible Stories are integrated into our curriculum. Kid Talk is a great group forum for this type of learning as it captures the audience of young ones to impart what or how God's love is realized. Of course, we always teach by modeling Christian behavior to others. 

First Teachings of Jesus

Often children experience their first teachings about Jesus while attending preschool for the first time having never been to an actual church worship.  The beautiful result of this is that they become teachers to their parents, telling them how wonderful Jesus' love is. Those families who may not have had a church home yet, suddenly find themselves seeking that for their children AND themselves. Can you still question God's love and power after that? Children are the best evangelists, after all. 

Building Confidence

A strong Christian education is the cornerstone to creating a successful learner in all areas of development, not just spiritually.  Socially and emotionally, children who are faith filled and secure in the knowledge of God's love; who understand how He would want us to be; are children confident enough to make good choices when others around them may not be making those same good decisions to do so.  To that end, Christian education is paramount to raising a society that supports, loves, encourages, understands, resolves conflict, negotiates, conciliates, promotes dignity, respects one another....ALL OTHERS. We are proud to help facilitate these very basic tenants of humanity with humility. 

Keep them in this Christian environment as long as you are able to! Let them experience a Christmas program where Jesus birth is celebrated, rejoice at the Easter miracle, pray thankfully at snack and as we start and end each preschool day and in countless other ways and reasons. The staff at La Casa Preschool prays that you allow us to continue to fulfill our mission. To learn more about our Christian Program at La Casa Preschool, contact us online or at 480-998-0866 .