5 Year Old Program

Kindergarten Prep 5 aptly describes the student who is experienced in school, but either not age appropriate to enter Kindergarten or can benefit from the gift of another year in a quality preschool setting to grow and thrive. Having a foundation for all types of learning instilled in them already, students in the K-Prep classes enjoy a curriculum specific to their expanded opportunities.


Birthday Cut-off: 5-years-old by 12/31

This class meets four days per week, Monday-Thursday, with and additional Friday option available. It is targeted specifically to the needs of the older student who either does not meet the mandated age-requirement for public school Kindergarten or can benefit from the "gift of another year" of growth in a preschool setting that offers a more challenging academic curriculum. Greater emphasis is placed upon academic skill development in preparation for Kindergarten, in conjunction with solidifying social and emotional readiness. Children practice classroom protocol through responsibility building techniques. Accountability is expected for managing self-directed table/center activities at the beginning of each day, such as letter or writing activities, using organizational skills in the care of their own work materials, and for fully participating in all learning areas during class time. Kindergarten attributes and in depth conceptual ideas are reinforced throughout the daily curriculum and routine, including extended math, science, pre-reading with application of phonemic awareness and writing. As in all classes, gross and fine motor skills are practiced through both classroom activities and specialized classes. Basic Spanish words are also introduced. Children exiting this program will be well prepared to be successful students in Kindergarten and beyond.

Students preparing for Kindergarten in our 5 year old program.