Curriculum Goals and Philosophy

It is the philosophy of La Casa Preschool and the goal of every teacher and staff member to encourage and stimulate the growth of the whole child, with particular emphasis on emotional and social development.  It is important to remember that the stages of development in early childhood will vary greatly.  Achievement of milestones and mastery of skills is an ongoing process, one that will continue throughout a child’s early years and extend well beyond. 

There are four basic areas included in the developmental milestones: 

  • Physical Growth/Motor Development – This area refers to the child’s actual physical growth as he/she gains ability to move and control body parts.  Development of fine motor skills through physical activity aids in emerging proficiency with writing instruments. 

  • Social/Personal Development – This area refers to the child’s development of social skills, or the ability to interact with others.  It also includes how the children feel about themselves.

  • Emotional Development/Feelings – This area refers to the child’s growth and development of feelings and how they are expressed.  Self-esteem is also part of this area of development.

  • Cognitive/Language Development – This area refers to the child’s mental growth and development, which includes verbal and written language skills.  The word cognitive means thinking; therefore, how a child thinks is an indicator of development.  Most children express thinking/reasoning skills through language.

The curriculum goals and objectives for each class option offered at La Casa Preschool are designed to specifically address these developmental milestones and to assure every child is prepared for the next educational step. Readiness is the key to success at any stage.  Recognizing this becomes critical in choosing the best preschool and placement for children.  The focus of our program at any age is to provide opportunities for the children to become lifelong learners.