Extracurricular Programs

La Casa Preschool is pleased to offer a variety of extracurricular programs that compliment your child's education outside of the classroom. These exciting programs encourage conversation and fellowship amongst our students. Designed for extra time to play and explore, these extra specials offer more ways for students to engage!

Early Birds Drop Off

Preschool Playground Scottsdale

Early Birds is an early drop off option offered Monday through Friday, from 8:30-9:15am prior to the start of the regular school day. Children will have supervised playground time, or in bad weather, classroom play time.  No formal instruction.  Space is limited and available only to those students enrolled in class on the selected day/s.  Participation is on a first come/first served basis. No registration, just show up!  A separate fee is charged and expected at drop off. 

Lunch Bunch

Nut Free Preschool

Lunch bunch is offered every day of the week, immediately following the preschool class day and extends from 12 noon to 1:00pm.  Students bring their own lunch and enjoy the social atmosphere of eating at school with their friends.  And, it is great “practice” for Kindergarten! Having extra unstructured play time is also an attractive feature.

Discovery Time

Preschool Safari Hunt at La Casa

Discovery Time is a specialized hour from 1:00-2:00pm immediately following Lunch Bunch on all regular school days featuring monthly units designed to captivate our young audience through play based and interactive STEAM activities.  Topics include Super Science, Five Senses, All Things Art, Christmas Around the World, Space Exploration, Fitness Fun, Folklore and Fairy Tales, Save Our Planet/Earth Day/Science Fair, Weather Wise, and many more!  Only available for children in the mini 4s class or older.