Christian Education

Word of the Lord

As a staff at La Casa Preschool, we feel very committed to teaching the precious children entrusted to our care.  We teach them many things that will help them to be life long learners.  Their skill sets emerge and become stronger each and every day.  It is amazing to watch their growth and transformation as they develop emotionally, socially, physically and cognitively.  Even more gratifying and important is the spiritual growth in these little beings.  Our philosophy and mission here at La Casa is rooted in the firm belief that it is OUR RIGHT, PRIVILEGE AND OBLIGATION to bring the word of the Lord to the children we are blessed with.  To facilitate Christian Education and the love of Jesus in their hearts is a challenge we take on with our whole heart!  No greater joy could there be than to help a child find their way to Jesus.  We are grateful for the privilege and embrace it. 

This Easter season, we remind your child of the great love God had for us through the miracle He performed in giving us Jesus.  It is a joyful time. We should rejoice in it!

Weekly Prayer.... Dear God, thank you for Your son, Jesus.  May His love shine through me in all I say and do.  Help me to be like Him in all things.  Amen.  

Preschool Easter